A. Who can be married at Light of Christ? 

Christian couples are welcome. Non-Christian couples may use the facilities with approval from the pastor and the Elders. If you are a non-Christian please make sure to read the first couple of paragraphs in this wedding packet.

B. Premarital counseling:

All couples getting married at Light of Christ must go through premarital counseling. With divorce rates at 50%, premarital counseling is a great way to begin the process of examining various issues so they don't become big problems during your marriage. The pastor(s) of Light of Christ can provide premarital counseling. If you wish to go through a different premarital counseling program please inform the pastor.

If you choose to do your counseling here with one of our pastors, there will be five sessions. The first session is a sit down meeting with the pastor to talk about the process and get you set up for the premarital counseling inventory. Once both of you take the inventory (either on-line or at the church) there will be four one hour sessions. During one of these sessions you plan out the wedding service. You will work out the meeting times with the pastor.

C. Who may perform weddings at Light of Christ?

a. The current pastor(s) of Light of Christ.
b. Any LCMS pastor or ordained pastor from a church with which the LCMS has pulpit fellowship.
c. Pastors from the ethnic churches renting space from Light of Christ.
d. An ordained minister from another Christian church with prior approval of the current pastor and Board of Elders.

D. What about musicians?

You may use the church's organist or you can bring in your own organist. The church does not have singers available but you may bring in singers for your ceremony if this is something you would like to have.

E. What about music?

Please check your music selection with the pastor. Music with profanity or sexual references is not allowed.

F. Photography:

No pictures with flash or strobe lights are to be taken during the wedding service. Pictures may be taken prior to the wedding, provided they are complete at least 30 minutes prior to the service. Specific times for picture taking can be worked out with the wedding coordinator.

G. Flowers and decorations:

The wedding coordinator will be able to work with you in how to set up the sanctuary. Light of Christ does not provide Pew Bows, Special Candle holders or Aisle Runners. Most of these items can be purchased at chain stores or floral shops.

H. Bulletins:

If you chose to have a bulletin for your ceremony you must provide the bulletin covers. You can go to any card shop or Christian book store to purchase them. The church secretary can help by showing you various catalogues that contain wedding bulletins.

If you chose to have a bulletin for your service all information will need to be in the church office two weeks prior to your wedding day. Obviously, any changes after that time can not be made. Please fill out the bulletin work sheet and return to the church secretary.

I. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and smoking:

Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted in the facilities or on the property of Light of Christ. Smoking is not permitted in any building.

J. Wedding license:

Your wedding license should be left in the church office one week prior to the wedding. You may contact the church office the week after your wedding for a photocopy of the license. If you are using outside clergy you should arrange with them how they want to handle your marriage license.

K. Why do members pay less than non-members and Lutheran non-members?

Part of belonging to a church means supporting your church through prayers, giving of your time, giving of your talents and through your tithes and offerings. In return, your church should provide these services to their members at a reduced cost. It is one of the benefits of belonging to a church. For members there are fees that need to be charged to cover the costs of the premarital counseling, electrical bills and the time of the various people who will be assisting you with planning and running your wedding.