Non-member $1500
  Lutheran non-member $750
  Member $300
  Includes the sanctuary for 2 hours prior to the service and one hour following the service. Extra time might be granted depending on the schedule for the day. The fee also includes your wedding rehearsal.


  Non-member $225
  Member $150
  The wedding coordinator will be able to help with many of the arrangements for the wedding. Including answering your questions of what the church has or does not have, setting up your rehearsal, letting florist into the church, etc.


  Non-member $300
  Lutheran non-member $300
  Member $30
  Includes premarital counseling, the wedding rehearsal and performing the wedding ceremony.


  Member and non-member $150
  Extra rehearsals > per half hour $50
  Includes consultation, practice with a soloist at the rehearsal and playing for the Wedding service.

When are fees due?

* The fee for the pastor: There is a $30 fee that needs to be paid upfront to begin the premarital counseling with the remainder due by the wedding rehearsal.

* All other fees are due by the wedding rehearsal- minus the non-refundable deposit to hold your wedding date.