I want to welcome you to this web site and I would like to introduce myself and this church.

This is a church for those who are struggling with whatever life is throwing at them. We are also a church for people who are not struggling. Life in the church is no different than the life we all live. There are good times and difficult times. We have everyone from singles, families with kids of all ages and of course our Amazing grey’s- our senior members. Come join us! We like to laugh and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Come join a church where people know and support one another.

One thing that sets us apart is the Sunday morning message. Most pastors preach for 45 minutes - or more! Not me. The sermons here are about 15 minutes long. Yes, they are shorter than most other pastor’s sermons but they are powerful and you will remember more of the message. If that doesn't get your attention I don't know what will.

Personally, I have a great family! My wife Deb and I have four awesome daughters (Yes, real men have daughters). My daughters Sierra, Katie, Evangeline and Addison and the ones responsible for my graying hair? In my free time I am involved in Tae Kwon Do and look forward to earning my black belt at the end of March. 

I want to invite you to attend a worship service a few times and see if you don't find the same things I have talked about. If you have put your faith in things like the stock market, your job, skills and abilities I am sure you have found those things to be temporary in nature. Every week you attend you will be reminded of the grace of God in Christ Jesus. This grace of God was accomplished through the cross and the empty grave three days later. Come find out about something that lasts for eternity!.

Jim Gwaltney

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