2024 Lent GREAT

Love your neighbor. We have heard it but how do we do it? This Lent, we will help you serve others. The goal of this is NOT evangelism. The goal is to get us out of our comfort zones to serve others. This is about you. More specifically, you serving others. Here are some ways for you to serve


Help a prison ministry but providing bibles for them. We will highlight passages and add notes for them to find the next passage. We will give them to a ministry that gives them to prisoners. For Highschool and above.

DATE: Sunday, March 3 between services (9:20-10:20am). This will be for older kids up to our seniors. If you would like to donate money for bibles please talk to our DCE Noel Fairchild.


What it is:

People will pull into our parking lot for prayer. We will ask for their prayer requests, pray for them and give them a handout with some encouragement for them. This is not an Evangelism program but something we will do to love our neighbor. For more information please click the card below



Tuesday, March 19: 7-9am

Thursday, March 21: 4-6pm

Saturday, March 23: 9-12am


We will go door to door, through the neighborhood of the church. We will show love to our neighbors as we seek to share God's Word with them. We will pass out bibles to house to house. Go to the page and watch the video there. It sums up why we are doing this.


We love to provide a meal before our Wednesday Night, Mid- Week services. We need people willing to come and bring food, set up and clean up. The Dates for our dinners are: Feb 21, 28, March 6, 13, 20. Please remember: Save your receipts- we will reimburse you.

Dinner themes will be finalized this week. When we do, we will post the sign ups.

Feb 21: Preschool Staff

Feb 28:

March 6

March 13

March 20