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The two leadership groups in the church are the Board of Elders and the Council. The Board of Elders is responsible for the Spiritual well-being of church members and the pastor. The Council looks after the business of the church. Both are necessary and the people who serve in these roles are dedicated Christians who want to serve Jesus Christ.


One of your roles as a member will be to attend voter's meetings- held once or twice a year. The council will bring business items to the congregation (annual budget, loan items, major purchase items) for congregational feedback and support. As a member you have a say in our major decisions.  

As a member you will be assigned to an Elder who will pray for you and your family and give you a call if you are not seen in church after awhile. Many times people stop attending a church and the church never checks to see how they are doing.  We don’t want that to happen here. When you are a member you are one of us and we care about your well being.