Help during the service Please check below for trainings and sign up to serve as an Acolyte

We are in need of Acolytes for both services. Typically, this role is for younger members of the church. However, anyone can serve as an acolyte, generally starting at 3rd grade - adult.

Primary responsibility is to light the candles for each service. at the 8am service, you will also help with communion by collecting cups when people finish communion. For communion Sundays, a second acolyte is used to help during communion.

For the 8am service- if a younger member is serving as an acolyte, there is a robe for you to wear. Acolytes do not wear robes in the second service. For adults who serve as Acolytes, you do not have to wear a robe.

We will provide training for anyone wanting to serve in this way.

Acolyte training included parents.