Children's Ministry

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Sunday School - Start Time 9:20 a.m.

Our KFC Sunday school program includes singing, prayer time, share time, and a Bible lesson. We use Growing in Christ from Concordia Publishing Company. This curriculum is Gospel Centered and taught at grade level.

KFC (preschool - 1st grade) taught by Linda Sims and assisted by Kelsey Vanhorn.

CREW (2nd - 4th grade) taught by JoAnn Johnson and Carl Stelling.

Crew Sunday School Class 2024 | grades: 2 - 4th

Objective: to help kids understand and experience key stories from the books of the Bible. Encourage routine reading of scriptures assigned and highlight selected scriptures, that work with your families' schedules.

Monthly bookmarks are provided as part of the Home Reading assignment.

Goal is to become familiar and locate scriptures from Genesis - Revelation.

During Sunday School we encourage kids to bring their Bibles weekly to use during Sunday School.

January: Session 1: The Books of Moses

February: Session 2: Into the Promised Land

March: Session 3: The Songs of Israel

April: Session 4: Wisdom and Major Prophets

May: Session 5: The Minor Prophets

June: Session 6: The Gospels

July: Session 7: Paul's Letters

August: Session 8: Universal Letters & The Revelation

Monthly Crew Events once a month on a Sunday include games, fun snacks, short skits, art,

and music. See Crew Events for the dates for each month.