Communion Brief Intro

Communion Matters!

People often say, communion is between "me and God". This is not completely true. Yes, it is between 'you and God' but NOT just you and God. There is a community aspect to communion. It is between 'you and God' but it is also between 'God and us’. Because of this, we want people who commune here to have the same beliefs about communion as the rest of this community.

What is our belief about communion? In communion, the bread is BOTH bread AND body of Jesus and the wine is BOTH wine AND the blood of Jesus. If your views are different we ask you to do one of two things. During our time of communion, either stay in your seat as others go up or come up to the table, cross your arms over your chest as you signal you won't be taking communion but you would like a blessing from the pastor.

If you are visiting on a communion Sunday (the first, third and fifth Sunday of the month). Please arrive about 10 minutes before service and talk with a pastor or elder if you have any questions or would like to discuss this. We also ask, if you are a member of a different LCMS congregation that you let the pastor or elder know before the service so we can commune together.

  • Our 8am service will have communion as part of the service. The 10:30 service has communion following the service.

For a more in depth discussion on communion beliefs between denominations you can check this link for more information