How to Become a Member

What it means to be a member of Light of Christ



(God first, others second- read scripture/pray. Serve and tell others about Jesus)



1. Faithfully preach the Gospel every worship service and faithfully administer the Sacraments.

2. Pray for you at least once a week and possibly up to three times a week.

3. Be intentional in helping you do the things that lead to Spiritual growth.

4. Help you in serving others, in the church and in the community, and tell others about Jesus.



1. Faithfully attends worship weekly

2. Is doing the things that lead to Spiritual growth

3. Serving inside the church (church programs and activities) and/or outside the church (benefits a group outside of LOC.

4. At a minimum is tithing or working towards becoming a tither (add one percent every three months to your current giving). Once you become a tither- start sacrificial giving- which is more than 10%. 


Attend, in person, to decide if this is where you want to continue your faith journey.

Know our culture. What are the people like? What are the bible studies like? Are the pastors someone you would want to help you in your faith journey.

Know what Growth Groups are and plan on being an active part of one.

This is a key part of our congregation. We want to help you do the things that lead to Spiritual Growth- faithfully hear the Gospel preached, reading God’s Word and prayer. Growth Groups encourage us in this undertaking. You can learn more about Growth Groups by clicking here: Growth Groups

Understand you are joining a church which means you are joining a community

It is not just you and God. It is you and God, of course, but it is also 'us' and God. We are all on this faith journey together

Understand theology is important.

Theology matters. What you and we believe as a community matters. God's Word is our rule and norm of faith and life as a congregation. It is important that you understand the basics of God's Word. To help you with this, our online membership class will teach you these foundational truths. The core of our Theology is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins.

Set up a meeting with Pastor Jim so you can get to know each other

This will be an opportunity to get to know Pastor Jim and him to get to know you (and your family if it applies). Plan for 45 minutes to an hour for the meeting. We will also cover Growth Groups, talk about theology, what it means for a pastor to be a shepherd, talk about the online membership class, and answer any questions you may have.

Complete the online membership class

The membership class is self- paced. You read a lesson and answer questions. The subject of the lessons are the Six Chief parts in Luther’s Catechism. Theology matters and these are our non-negotiables. You will read a lesson and answer questions about that lesson. You will be able to keep the lesson open while you answer the questions. Basically an open book test. We want you to succeed.

Once you complete the online class, you will be a member of Light of Christ. We will welcome you during one of our services. The next step is to become a voting member of the congregation.

Once the Online membership class is completed, attend a Voter’s meeting and sign our constitution. You will then be a voting member starting with the next Voter’s meeting. 

Light of Christ is a congregational lead church. The pastor is not in charge, The paid staff are not in charge. The people of the congregation are in charge. The congregation hires called workers and determine the church budget. The Church Council is elected to represent the congregation in these matters. Being a voting member is important. Voting members can vote on extending calls (hiring pastors and other church workers- DCE and preschool staff) and on budgets.

If you are ready to start the process of becoming a member, fill out the form below and Pastor Jim will get back to you.