Kids should be IN church

Familes are seperated enough during the week

One of the things that makes us different from other churches is that we want kids IN church. This is a shock to many since almost all other churches run children's programming at the same time as the worship service.


Won't my kids be a distraction during the worship service?

Yes. We expect kids to be kids. Young kids can be squirrely. We get it. The noise and distraction of a child is a sign of life in a church.


You don't care if my child runs around the sanctuary or cries the whole service?

We didn't say that. Some distractions are normal. We do expect kids to act like kids. At the same time, we expect parents to act like parents :). If your child is worked up or making a lot of noise, take your child outside until they settle down and bring them back inside. (You should do the same when you go to a restaurant too!) This shows your child that church is important. Another helpful thing to remember is to sit where you can get out of the room quickly. You may not want to sit in the front row.


My kids won't get anything out of the service.

NOT TRUE! Kids pick up way more than we think they do. They do listen and hear parts of the service. Many times, parents are shocked when their kids talk about things said in church. But, more important is what they learn by watching you worship. You model how to worship for your child.


I won't get anything out of the service because I will be constantly attending my child.

Yes. You may miss some (or all) of what is going on. Just like you may eat a cold dinner at a restaurant because your were outside with your child while they settled down. Raising kids is tough. Remember, there may be days or times you don't get anything from a service but you will be teaching your child a very valuable and eternal lesson about being in church.


Is there a place children can go during the worship service?

In the sanctuary, we have a nursery that has a window looking into the sanctuary and you will be able to see and hear the service. Parents or Guardians should expect to stay in the room. The target age for this room is 0-5 years old. If your child has certain needs, and is older than five, feel free to utilize this room.


How can I teach my child to sit through a worship service?

Many parents bring 'quiet toys' or coloring pages for kids. In the sanctuary, there are "busy boxes" for kids that have quiet toys and coloring items for kids. Another thing you can do at home is "practice sitting through church" Explain to your child that worship is important and we need to learn how to sit during the service. Tell them that you are going to pretend we are in church practice sitting quiet. Then, have the whole family sit down on the couch as if they were in church. Do this for two minutes or so to model how to sit in church. DON'T DO A WHOLE HOUR!!! Do this every night and your child will begin learning what they are supposed do


Is there anything else I need to know?

Remember this: the "Susher" is often louder than the "Sushee".


For help in raising your kids in the faith, check out this link below for more ideas.