Seasonal Membership

Seasonal Membership



Seasonal membership is basically a church home away from your church home. Your regular membership will remain at your home congregation. While you are away at college, you will be a seasonal member at Light of Christ.


What does it mean to be a seasonal member?

- You faithfully attend Sunday worship to hear the Gospel.

- You serve as you are lead/able/capable.

- You are under our spiritual care while away from your home congregation. We will pray for you once a week, we will visit you in the hospital, we will provide pastoral counseling. So, while you are away at college you are a part of our flock.


Requisite to be a Seasonal Member?

           You must have membership at another Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Church and be willing to commit to the above expectations of a seasonal member.



How do I become a seasonal member at Light of Christ?

There is a simple form for you to fill out. It is attached. It is basically your contact information and information about your home congregation.


What if I want to stop being a seasonal member at Light of Christ?

Just send us an email and we will remove you from our Seasonal Membership Roster. We know that every church might not be a good fit for all people. Hopefully, you will find another church to faithfully attend while away at college and we can even help you in that process.

When will my Seasonal Membership End?

When you leave for the summer. If you are back next year, we will have you commite once again.


What do I do with my tithes and offerings?

We believe you should give to your home congregation. We are certain there are ways they can work with you to make that happen.


What are some ways that I can serve at Light of Christ?

We will share the many opportunities available to you. We have many ministries that would welcome your help. We also have contacts with ministries in the area. For example, we partner with The Orange County Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army.


Will I be a voting member at Light of Christ?

No. You should remain a voting member of your home congregation.


If I don’t become a seasonal member, can I still attend Light of Christ?

YES. You will remain under the Spiritual care of your home congregation.

What if I am not a member of an LCMS Church?

You can still worship with us (please refrain from communion. See this link for more info: Communion Info). If you wanted to become a member you would have to join as a regular member. (Here is information on becoming a member: LOC Membership Info


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